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Canada day 3 – Leaf fall, clouds part

8 October 2013 , , , , , , , , ,

Yesterday started on a very breezy, overcast and damp note and wouldn’t you know it, that combination took down probably half the leaves here.  However, there’s still a lot of colour and this morning it’s completely clear and the orange and yellow leaves against the blue skies, just sing.  My friends back garden catches the morning sun and the low light is picking out leaves randomly through the tree canopy.  Just stunning!   I’m in a bit of a hurry this morning or I’d stop here to take photos.

Unfortunately yesterday was not conducive to photos, but I’ve really lucked out for the rest of the week as it’s going to be sunny with highs nudging the 20 degree mark.  Perfect walking weather!

I spent time with my friend Mark here yesterday and we caught up, went for a short drive and did a bit of shopping, before picking up Chris and doing some food shopping.  Food shopping is always interesting in a different place.  What strikes me here is just how much the grocery aisles are dominated by big brands.  In the UK, we still have a lot of niche companies, which innovate and we seem to have more variety, especially in terms of ingredients as opposed to processed foods, which seem to dominate here.  The other big difference is price of course, with things being considerably cheaper here, though the difference is becoming less noticeable.  After this I picked up a Canadian SIM card for my phone, since roaming costs in Canada are extortionate.  When I go to the US, it’s much cheaper, so much so now that I don’t bother to get a US SIM, but with only Rogers and Bell here, there just isn’t the competition to bring the prices down.

That done we headed back to the guys’ house where they prepared a big Mexican feast and their friend Mike stopped by as he was in town for work.  A relaxed meal with good friends and not for the first time a very full belly.

It’s just as well that I’m heading out today to do some exploring, hiking and photo taking as I need to work off all the food I’ve consumed since arriving.  I’m driving west down highway 17, past Sudbury and first stopping at  Chutes Provincial Park, which is near the village of Massey.  I’ll do a two-hour hike around the Au Sable river, its rapids and set of waterfalls.  Hopefully there’ll still be good autumn colour there too.  Timing-wise it’s going to be late morning, so I’ll have to contend with direct light and in order to get the misty look of the waterfalls I want, I’ll need to use at least an ND8 filter, possibly a ten stop filter to reduce the light levels, so the highlights don’t get totally blown out.

After this, I’m heading further west and if time permits, will stop off by the bridge that leads to St. Joseph Island.  This is the first place we lived when we emigrated to Canada in 1973.  We lived in the tiny town of Richard’s Landing and then by the gorgeous Gawas Bay, an inlet of the North Channel of Lake Huron.  I will definitely take more time here before returning to North Bay on Thursday.

I will reach Sault Ste. Marie, where I grew up by late afternoon and will then head up to Pancake Bay Provincial Park on Lake Superior to get sunset shots and do a bit more hiking, before returning to ‘The Soo’ for the evening.  

So a much more active today.  Best get to it!

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