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Long overdue update

20 November 2017 , , ,

When I look back on this site, I had such high hopes for it, but as often in life, time marches on, we lose focus and thinks drift.   It’s finally time to change this.

If you exclude the weekend, this is my first day off since August and there’s a good chance I’ll actually be able to enjoy it, with it not being interrupted like previous the only other two weeks I’ve had time off this year.

Saturday was spent doing a little retail therapy, a much needed injection of new clothes for my wardrobe, though it’s high time I chucked out the old, ill-fitting garments sitting unwanted in my bedroom closet.  Though not religious, Sunday was definitely a day of rest.  After a brutal workweek where I did well in excess of 60 hours, many of them stressful, a day of indulgent lethargy was definitely needed.

Now it’s Monday… getting the apartment cleaned and the camera gear ready for a day out this afternoon in the city.  I’m venturing to the area called ‘Turtle Bay’ in Midtown East.   This is part of the launch of the sister site to this blog, The Apple Core, where I’ll be visiting a different Manhattan neighborhood each month.   Part of the exploration today will be a tour of the United Nations.  I’m really excited about that!

Tomorrow will be about packing and getting ready for my first visit to Boston since moving to the US some 2 1/2 years ago.  It’s long overdue.  I’ve only seen one of my friends there in all this time and I miss them.   It’ll be my first proper US Thanksgiving, so that should add to the fun as I’ve never experienced one.   I’ll share more on this as the days progress.

That’s it for today, a short update, but I will continue to keep this site up-to-date and share what’s going on in this Mid-Atlantic misfit’s life.

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