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New regime, new me

3 May 2013 , , ,

I’ve had pushes with eating and the gym before, but I don’t think I’ve ever been as determined as I am now.   I’ve already started dropping weight, from a peak of just over 100 kg, in January, to 95.8 kg as I write this, or about 10 lbs lost.  

Tonight I started back at my gym, Virgin Active in Chiswick Park (West London).   It used to be Esporta, but Virgin bought them out.  When I heard of the takeover, I was filled with dread.  Esporta was a cut above, a little pricier, but great services and quality, amazing trainers.  You really felt you were going to somewhere special, where you would be happy to linger. That, however, has all been swept away by the red, Virgin tide.  Hmmm bad choice of words there, perhaps.  

It didn’t start well.  I approached the front desk to ask about the 9 training sessions I had remaining, prior to stopping about 18 months ago, following a lot of travel for work and a holiday.  The receptionist asked for my trainer’s name and when I gave it, her face dropped.  Oh he left about a year ago.  Strike one – he was an amazing trainer, really pushed me, but was very friendly.  

OK, so I asked who I could use for the remaining 9 of 10 sessions, I’d paid £450 for.  “Let me get the training supervisor, please take a seat.”   You know full well, when they have to bring in re-enforcements and they ask you to sit down, what’s coming ain’t gonna be good!  Sure enough it wasn’t.  It was firmly explained to me that notices were put up around the club telling people you had to use up your sessions with your trainers before they left as Virgin wasn’t renewing their contracts.  “And what if you are lapsed member and never saw said notices”, I enquired.  She paused for a fair while, well you should have received a communication.  I smelt a rat.  That’s always the get out of jail card, isn’t it, I thought to myself.  I explained I’d received no email, no letter from them.  Again I was told I should have.  I explained, firmly, back that had I received such notice, I’d have promptly asked for a  refund of outstanding sessions.

She was getting battle worn, so what’s a training supervisor to do…  You got it, bring in further re-enforcements.   I was told, she didn’t have the power to make exceptions to this.  Apparently, I’d have to speak to the club’s General Manager.   It would be best to email her and ask for an appointment.  I shan’t be asking.  I shall be demanding!   They’re not going to find it easy to weasel their way out of this.  They bought Esporta and with it got their clients, but also all obligations of their clients.  You can’t pick and choose.   So I’m digging my heals in for a real fight here.

Anyway… that’s really an aside as the main story is the new regime.  I did about 25 minutes of cardio and then about an hour of free weights, focussed on my shoulders and chest.  I really pushed it and boy am I going to pay the piper tomorrow, I’m quite sure.  

I’m also taking some new supplements.  One to suppress appetite and more effectively metabolise fat.  Another to help the body boost its own production of testosterone, so completely legal.  A further, complex one to aid muscle growth, including encouraging the body to produce more growth hormone.  All of these are without side-effects and certainly so far, I’ve not noticed any adverse reaction.  Finally I’m restarting my protein and creatine shakes.

So watch this space… I will periodically post about progress.  Not in those every day, I’m working out this or that posts, but perhaps monthly overall I’ve achieved this so far kind of entires.

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