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Spring in my step?

25 February 2012

While the weather outside is sunny and warm all of a sudden, with spring very much in the air, it’s very definitely not in my step.

After yet another marathon workweek… over 70 hours despite booking myself off Friday afternoon, I’m left feeling absolutely exhausted, with very little energy to actually get out and enjoy the sudden warmth. Although we’re only in late February, I feel in desperate need of a holiday. This cannot be right.

I’ve been making more and more waves at work about my ridiculous workload and it finally caught the eye of our director on Thursday evening as he asked me to call him. I have a much better relationship with him, than I do with my own boss who is next to useless. However, it amounted to a pep talk and ego stroking with a token gesture of take yourself out for a meal on the company this weekend.

It doesn’t address the resourcing issue. It doesn’t address the fact that my responsibilities have grown 5-fold at the same time my pay hasn’t even kept pace with inflation. It doesn’t address the issue that I’m not being developed, there are no promotion opportunities and my job title in no way accurately reflects the size, complexity and importance of what I’m working on.

If I’m lucky, I’ll feel half rested by the time I reach Monday and get back on the merry-go-round again and on Monday morning I have my annual review, where I’ll find out my bonus, pay award and development plan. If it’s not top notch, you’ll hear the protests from wherever you are, I’m quite sure.

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